Keyword Research and Analysis

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Make your website more successful then ever before. Know the keywords for your industry.

Maximum Web Marketing has developed an original methodology for researching and recommending the use of keywords and keyphrases for client websites. The keyword research is done specifically for Organic SEO campaigns with extensive research into client markets. Once the research is completed, keywords are then deployed in textual materials over the course of a one year organic SEO campaign.

Who Needs Keyword Research?

Any client website that does not have a list of 60-100 keywords and keyphrases needs a keyword analysis for organic search performed prior to launching the website promotional campaign. With a clear and concise list of keywords designed for website content development, articles, press releases, blogs, and podcast descriptions, a targeted and successful campaign can take place.

Expand Keyword Lists

Many ignore the significance of thorough keyword research and select only a dozen keywords to focus on throughout any given campaign. Maximum Web Marketing will utilize primary keywords and keyphrases in a campaign, but will want to expand the list to increase the number of professional story ideas that can be researched and written.

Keyword analysis is a time consuming process. Often reports will take one to two weeks to complete. We ask that new clients are patient during the time at the beginning of the campaign, so thorough research may take place.

Target Keywords Can Change

The World Wide Web, like language itself, is dynamic. If client businesses change, or new words come into use, or old words go out of vogue, keyword focus can change. Client websites where analysis was done one or two years prior must be refreshed in order to remain effective.

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