Google Analytics Interpretation

Google Analytics Review of Website Performance

The number of website owners who do not watch their analytics is staggering. Maximum Web Marketing believes that all clients should know their site performance statistics so they may make informed decisions. Maximum Web Marketing’s professionals are interested in aspects of the organic SEO campaign which are popular and working well.

Google Analytics can Measure the Following Objectively:

– Keyword recognition and popularity

– Most popular links and traffic generated by them

– The percentage of website traffic generated by search engines

– Percentage of traffic generated by direct inquiry

– States and countries where web traffic originates

– The length of stay for each site visitor

– The pages each website visitor navigated

– The number of times web auido and video podcasts were played

and much, much more.

Maximum Web Marketing produces detailed  Google Analytics reports on a quarterly basis for contract clients at no additional charge. These reports include colored graphs detailing the above as it relates to organic SEO, an original narrative that explains the statistical reports relationship to the organic SEO campaign, and in depth reports on gateway pages.

A Google Analytics Report is valuable because it helps website owners to make strategic decisions about where to place their SEO budgets.  It also helps to determine where the website is functioning properly (or failing), and if traffic is clicking through to important pages (such as the cash register or contact us). To determine the effectiveness of any type of campaign, including SEO enhancements and PPC, Google Analytics is a trusted, easy-to-use tool. Google Analytics is reliable and objective and is the best way to measure roi for web marketing.

Ignore website statistics at your own peril.  Since Maximum Web Marketing professionals believe in transparency with Organic SEO practices and campaigns, the company also offers Google Analytics readings to clients who are not under contract.

Review website statistics today.

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