Website Intelligence

SEO Asheville NC

It is possible to optiimze a site and have it land on page one of Google – and stay there. This is a known factor in increasing any kind of business

For the website owner, the first step to increasing interested traffic to the website is gathering intelligence.

Maximum Web Marketing has a proprietary method of studying and arranging targeted keyphrases for any industry or organization.  Information is gathered from the client about target and niche audiences and their approximation of keywords.  From there, a keyword studies specialist investigates competitors’ target keyphrases.

A close study of competitor websites is key to short-term success on Google.

Finally, a keyword specialist uses Google AdWords to determine the real keyphrases used by the public.  The keyword selection contains high, medium and low volume keywords, because all are useful in content marketing campaigns.

The keyphrases contained in client reports are recommended for website builds and marketing. 

A further analysis of information is applied to the report. This yields 5-10 marketing ideas that can be utilized to augment keyword recognition right away.

Clients of Maximum Web Marketing  have the keywords needed to succeed. Each report contains an interpretation of the company or organization’s goals online and posits how keywords and content marketing may be utilized to augment these business objectives.

In order to correctly measure the results of an Organic SEO Campaign in say, three months, a close look at Google Analytics is needed.  Some SEO Companies hide this information from clients. At MWM, specialists share and interpret this information, so clients gain a better understanding of traffic increases on their website as a result of keyword population.