Social Media & PPC


Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Increases Rankings

Social Media Campaigns

Social media link building is an integral part of many Web Marketing contracts.  This includes posting hotlinks to new content – inviting social media members to click and visit the website.  However MWM professionals do not personally interact with social media members or manage any other posted content.

MWM has run any successful LinkedIn and Facebook paid advertising campaigns for clients.  These are well-targeted and can attract both niche and primary market audiences if done correctly.  Allow MWM online professionals to create Paid Social Media campaigns that perform.  Email:

Pay-Pay-Click (PPC) Campaigns

PPC campaigns and click-thru rates account for 40% of all Website traffic.  This statistic cannot be ignored.  Site owners engaged in Organic SEO campaigns will also benefit by integrating PPC into their internet marketing strategies.

It is necessary to establish an ROI for Pay-Per-Click campaigns. In order to achieve higher ROI from Goolge AdWords, Yahoo PPC, and even Facebook and LinkedIn PPC campaigns, keyword research must be ongoing. ROI must be considered on each keyword selection. A PPC campaign should be modified to include higher ROI keywords for maximum impact as time progresses.

Many online marketing services provide PPC campaigns to clients.  Maximum Web Marketing staff members have over 8 years of experience in keyword research and PPC campaigns.   An SEO marketing company is obligated to provide the best possible talent for PPC campaigns.  Maximum Web Marketing strives for ever higher ROI on PPC and delivers it.

For more information about establishing a Google AdWords campaign, email: