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Elizabeth Kirwin, CEO
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Elizabeth Kirwin,CEO, Web Strategist

Elizabeth Kirwin has spent over 25 years in corporate and non-profit public relations and marketing, beginning in her 20s, in Philadelphia. Kirwin holds an M.A. from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Post-graduate school in 2000, she merged technological skills with writing and PR expertise. During the time she co-founded her first business, a website development and promotion company (2004-2008), she taught Literature and Language and Humanities at University of North Carolina Asheville. Her main area of expertise is website promotion, and she has distinguished herself nationally as a competent Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  and Search Engine Marketing specialist. Kirwin’s SEO strategies are mainly content driven. Maximum Web Marketing professionals manage paid SEM campaigns on Google Adwords, LinkedIn and Facebook, too.

For the past four years, Elizabeth Kirwin has been CEO of Maximum Web Marketing, with clients in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Kirwin began writing about technology in 2011, when she partnered with a website development company in Virginia that was working on web marketing projects for the Association of Hispanic Engineers (AHETEMS) and the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA). From 2011-14, Kirwin helped strategize and execute ongoing PR, content, and social media campaigns that spanned different countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico) and permeated national and international academic, scientific and industry trade publications. Currently, she coordinates the web marketing campaign for, a company that sells pharmacy automation systems and services, and is a subsidiary of JM Smith, the 3rd largest corporation in South Carolina. Kirwin works on websites for Internet Technology companies, educational institutions, cultural, philanthropic and green building development projects. Elizabeth Kirwin resides in Asheville, North Carolina.



Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics Readings and Keyword Studies and PPC campaigns are some of Beth Jones' specialties in the field of SEO.

Elizabeth Jones, Social Media Marketing

Elizabeth Jones (Beth) is a social media specialist with expertise in friend seeding, link building, and increasing brand visibility on major social media and bookmarking websites. She has a Social Media Marketing Certification by Hootsuite.

Jones' Marketing career began in 2002.In addition to running Social Media campaigns, Jones performs keyword research for Organic and Paid SEO campaigns and optimizes textual pieces for posting across Web channels and manages PPC ad campaigns.

Jones is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals through multi-faceted Web Marketing strategies geared towards individual business and organization needs. Besides marketing, Beth has a passion for ceramics and photography. She lives in Austin, Texas.


Lisa A. Flowers, writer and original content creator, works out of the Maximum Web Marketing home offices in Gilpin County, CO. She has written for clients across a wide range of industries, with an emphasis on education, travel and tourism, real estate, and healthcare and pharmacy technology. She's also a freelance entertainment writer, an occasional literary and film critic, and a cat lover.