Press Release Writing and Distribution

The Digital Press Release is Pushed Live…

…and the Website is off to a Running Start on Search.

Consider the possibilities with a digital press release. There was a time when the only way a national or statewide press release was created was by a publicist, who was a member of the wire service and paid $6,000-10,000 for the press release to post.  Nowadays, a decent digital press release can go from $80 (PRWeb) to $600 (Marketwire National) to $1000 (English speaking Europe) or more. Depending upon the channels of distribution (which can be targeted), prices could be higher.

Web Press Releases are Cost Effective

With an Internet press release a small to medium sized business can afford to create a press release and even pay the publicist.But don’t make the mistake of retaining a traditional publicist, who probably cannot tell you the difference between a digital press release and a conventional press release. The question is whether standard PR Wire services (and publicists) have changed their game since the days of high cost. The lower cost releases go out on the Web only, and they usually at least claim to submit the press release to major search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and Ask.  The higher cost wire services also distrbiute to print, radio, and television.

Answer: If a decent wire service is retained, the digital press release can have as great an impact as the conventional press release used to have, for one tenth of the cost.

Nowadays, the consumer isn’t so willing to pay $6,000-10,000 for a release, especially when they hear their colleagues are paying much less.  So much for the traditional publicist.

Organic SEO Benefits to Press Releases

Keyword density can be increased on a website with press releases, yet this is not the only effect.  A company’s brand will be featured prominently in a press release, and if a good wire service is selected, the release will hold position on search under embedded keyword phrases for 6 months to one year.  Keyword inquiries for brand names will pull the release.  If 10 hotlinks are added to the release (most wire services charge extra for this and it’s worth it), those links will be recognized by Google as 10 separate links to a website (or website pages).  It helps a website’s position on search to be linked as much as possible, and most wire services archive releases, which means the embedded links continue to be recognized by search engines over time.

Publicity Benefits to Internet Press Releases

Once  a release is posted live to the web, it begins to work — becoming almost immediatley visible on search in a matter of hours.  A digital press release will have its most powerful effect during the first 4-6 weeks of posting. For this reason, a new website launch benefits from a press release because it needs to be recognized and indexed by search engines as quickly as possible.

The company or organization promoting the website, event, or service is making a solid investment by purchasing a digital press release.  When prospects or clients Google the brand the press release will feature prominently.  When primary keyphrases are Googled, the release may hold position on page one of Google instead of the website.

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