Article Writing and Marketing

Article Marketing

Good article marketing begins with outstanding writing.  Writers for Maximum Web Marketing have specialized in conceptualizing story ideas for website articles since 2003.  As seasoned web writers, the staff understand the topics and formats that work best on the web and resonate highest on keyword searches.

With solid keyword studies as a foundation, an article marketing campaign can be very effective at building keyword density into a website.  Since articles are then posted to multiple locations across the web with live links, where they are stationed indefinitely (and archived), these links continue to feed traffic to a website over  a long period of time.

Some articles are written with a time window, but Maximum Web Marketing writers strive to write content that has no definite shelf life.  Articles produced by Maximum Web Marketing writers are still performing on the Web even after four or five years. A good example of this is the article “Ten Tips on How to Cultivate Relationships With Editors” and “How to Pitch a Story.”  These articles were published time and again and continue to be published and generate traffic.

In article writing, it is not enough to simply embed desired keywords. Content must be timely, interesting, and well written. It must adhere to proper format for the web and be no longer than 500-750 words to be effective on the web.  In short, an article marketing campaign must bring something original to the table in order for editors to find the content interesting enough to republish materials.

Each article is published with a short bio of the author along with a live link to the website being promoted and the email address.  Maximum Web Marketing manually posts articles across web channels to some of the oldest, most heavily trafficked sites and some of the newer more popular RSS feeds.

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