Organic SEO Techniques

Organic SEO Techniques is a 40-48 Hour Course: Request a Quote

The objective of Organic SEO Techniques is to instill the best practices for website promotion in learners. The training program was originally developed as a full 16-week college course  for UNC Asheville’s online education program and was modified for companies and organizations.

A shorter version of this training class was presented to City of Asheville employees in 2007.

The Fundamentals of Organic SEO  can be condensed into 40-48 hours of day long sessions, and the curriculum is delivered directly to the workplace or an educational environment in person or via web video conference.

The Website Promotion Class Includes:

–  Keyword analysis and keyword studies (software overview)

–  Word strategies for website development (information architecture and keywords)

– Writing and disseminating professional articles for the Web

– Story ideas and distribution channels for digital press releases

– Keyword blogging

– Website page content  with keywords

– Google Analytics and the measurement of Organic SEO campaigns

– Link building and social networking strategies and Organic SEO

This Organic SEO Traning is Designed for the PR or Marketing Professional to Retool Their Skill Sets for the World Wide Web

– Participants’ work is evaluated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to oversee assimilation of techniques, structure, and content development strategies.

– Participants will be expected to know how to complete internal and external linking projects on the web and incorporate this into their assigned web writing.

– A company or organizational partner may request that actual projects designed for the company website are included in the class for maximum efficiency and productivity during class time.

Pricing for the full length class is competitive and will differ according to the number of participants.

For information about presenting a full length class on the Fundamentals of Organic SEO, email