Organic SEO: Theory and Practice

Maximum Web Marketing is proud to present fresh, new approaches for success in the organic search marketing field.

Over the past five years MWM has implemented many leading edge website marketing services: keyword analysis, website analytics readings, blogs, and audio and video podcasts. All of these services increase real traffic to websites, which in turn helps to build businesses, lives, and communities. Maximum Web Marketing serves a client base of small to medium sized businesses looking to compete in the Internet marketplace. We help place their web pages on page one of Google under primary and secondary keyphrases and watch their businesses expand.

Maximum Web Marketing Professionals have been experimenting with various formats and plans to determine how much text must be uploaded to a website each month in order to attract search. Repeated studies and testing shows  between 3,000-3,500 words of text per month is the right amount of promotional material to keep a website recent and relevant on all search engines.

Thanks to the implementation of Google Analytics  for tracking of client websites, statistics indicate Maximum Web Marketing methods increase traffic to a website by 30-75%. In the higher stats figures, a seasoned SEO programmer is employed to ‘open the gates for search’ on the back end of the website, in conjunction with our organic search marketing campaign.

Usability issues, making a site more functional and navigable, are primary to search engine success as well. When visitors are frustrated traffic does not stay or return to a website. Maximum Web Marketing will carefully analyze a website and offer a program to improve usability alongside website promotion efforts.  At Maximum Web Marketing, our programming and writing team work hand in hand to make certain traffic arrives at the website — and stays there!

Since the fall of 2007, Maximum Web Marketing has been implementing and testing a podcast production and syndication project. By adding podcasting production and posting services to our website marketing platform, we have opened up the full spectrum of Web 2.0’s new media to our client base. Maximum Web Marketing professionals bring the same amount of creativity and vigor to each podcast project that we bring to our writing endeavors.

What lies ahead for Maximum Web Marketing is a collaboration with small to medium sized companies throughout the United States.  Maxium Web Marketing brings digital ideas to the realms of advertising and publicity through the arena of website promotion.

The consumer no longer wants scripted, glossy, canned material that is designed to make customers buy. Instead, the online consumer is interested in authenticity, real value, and expertise that cannot be found elsewhere. In all of the materials Maximum Web Marketing creates, we strive to educate and inform the consumer because the online marketplace is different from traditional media.

Maximum Web Marketing works with talented writers who are trained to implement keyword writing, internal and external linking, and other best practices for website writing into their work. Many of these writers were already established writers with decades of experience in traditional publicity and marketing. All of Maximum Web Marketing’s writers are willing to embrace website writing techniques and incorporate it into their work.

Maximum Web Marketing is a premiere Organic SEO company with long-term clients and far ranging commitments to growth.  Inquire about monthly contracts by emailing

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