First Impression and Maximum Web Marketing Present Seminar in Norfolk, VA

Maximum Web Marketing has been a longtime creative partner with First Impression in Norfolk, VA. First Impression provides premier quality on-hold advertising programs priced for small to medium sized businesses. Maximum Web Marketing’s owner writes audio scripts for these on-hold programs, and they are tailored the company’s markets. On-Hold is a great way to cross-sell a consumer or to simply inform them which exit on the Interstate is closest to an office, retail outlet, or headquarters.

A longtime partnership with R.J. Paradee, the CEO of First Impression began in 2000 and has continued steadfastly, to the present day. As Maximum Web Marketing continues to offer web audio and video production, First Impression, the parent company to Media Right Studios, is a full service audio and video production studio in the heart of Norfolk, VA. First Impression is our creative partner for web audio and video projects for our website clients.

The first seminar Maximum Web Marketing presented with First Impression was “Web Marketing” and the seminar was held at the Norfolk Public Libraray Pretlow Branch in Ocean View from 7-8:30 p.m. on May 27, 2009. Reservations are required for admission and participants can register online. The web marketing seminar offered an overview of all types of effective ways to promote a website: article writing and distribution, press release writing and distribution, blogging, website content development, podcasting, link building, and social networking. Participants will learn the basic concepts and be given suggestions on how to execute these methods of promotion, which are far more economical than print, radio, direct mail, or television advertising.

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