Article Marketing is NOT Past It’s Just Good Content Creation that Matters

The recent ‘farmer’s update’ on Google downgraded roughly 10% of all websites. Google finally took aim at content farms, where developers have visited to find content for their own websites and blogs. Google also struck a blow to link farms, the notorious sites on the Web designed only for traffic and profit — and linked to little, if any relevant content in anyway.

Many who participate in article marketing may be wondering if this strategy still works. The truth is — yes, it does, and always has. Sites I watch have seen a 5-10% increase in traffic and many of these websites have been posting articles for 5 years or more.

Marnie Pehrson, owner of, one of the largest and oldest article portal sites, does a good job of debunking the myth of by stating “Article Marketing Isn’t Dead…” is still sending all of my sites referral traffic after the farmer’s update on Google. EZineArticle referral traffic on these sites has declined about 10% — and that’s it.

Good content is great for business as always. Don’t worry about your website losing any traction on Google if you have consistently been placing good relevant copy onto a site and distributing it to PR or article websites, you will most likely NOT experience traffic loss during this Google update.

Instead, my sites have seen a 10%+ increase in traffic, underpinning all of my beliefs about the staying power of Good Organic SEO strategies.

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